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BVC (Business Venture Club) is one of the leading business referral organization. BVC was established in the year 2021. In fact, this platform was conceived from group of entrepreneurs during the Pandemic and within a short period of time, many good entrepreneurs are being added to the family of BVC.

BVC has been established with the aim of bringing together entrepreneurs from various fields and creating friendly relations among them to grow their businesses in the best and most cost effective way.

BVC Members shared over thousands of valuable new client referrals and generated over around 1.2 Cr. in revenue.

Why BVC?

“The value of the referred customer is always higher than other customer”

         BVC helps you to generate business referrals and connects, thefore you can develop long lasting relationships with like-minded business professionals this will also helps you to grow your business skills such as :-

  • Brand awareness
  • Opportunity to build professional relationships
  • Great opportunity to introduce your business
  • Strong leads or connects
  • Direct sales opportunities
  • Highlighting your product or services
  • Opportunity to connect with other business segment
  • Establishing a friendly relationship directly with the end users
  • Opportunity to re-connect with existing entrepreneur
  • Platform for post-event interaction

Vision & Mission

Vision of BVC is to be an organization for positive change in entrepreneurs to inspire them to adopt a global entrepreneur mindset by utilizing network.

The Mission of BVC is to add thousands of entrepreneurs in the BVC family by organizing maximum activities and events that will inspire to create and generate maximum references & to achieve their ultimate next stage of business.

Last 12 Months Fact’s

Referral passed – 30,000
Visitors – 50,000
Business Done – 1,20,00,000 Cr.