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Udyojak-Mahasetu is a bridge which helps to connect entrepreneurs together and “Udyojak-Mahasetu” an event where you will get a unique opportunity to showcase your business. It will be the perfect time for you to create a great brand awareness among your target audience and contribute to the community with it.

On the occasion of the Udyojak Mahasetu, businessmen and entrepreneurs from different areas will come to meet us. This is where BVC plays a major role. In this program we are providing you with a business platform in which you will reach maximum number of entrepreneurs to promote your brand.

Benfits of Udyojak Mahasetu 2022

  • Brand awareness
  • Opportunity to build professional relationships
  • Great opportunity to introduce your business
  • Strong leads or connects
  • Direct sales opportunities
  • Highlighting your product or services
  • Opportunity to connect with other business segment
  • Establishing a friendly relationship directly with the end users
  • Opportunity to re-connect with existing entrepreneur
  • Platform for post-event interaction

Get a chance to network with 500+ Businesses & Entrepreneurs of different categories

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Join us at Udyojak Mahasetu Event on

02 October 2022

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A good Entrepreneur will always think to invests for promoting his brand by looking the opportunities and “Udyojak Mahasetu” is upcoming one !